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Small Changes to Grow Your Business

Sometimes as a business owner we can lose sight of how our business is perceived by prospective customers.  It is important that we make our products and services as easy as possible to access whilst making it attractive to the buyer to engage and purchase.  Here are just a few simple tips that will improve the shopping experience of the customer and as a result improve the bottom line and grow your business.

  1. Display Pricing

There is nothing more off putting for a potential customer that to have to go seeking a price either through telephone conversation, online messaging or email.  With the fast pace of life, customers don’t want to spend time and energy on chasing information relating to your product or service.  In most cases, customers won’t bother asking and will move on to the next company that displays details and pricing.   In my experience, in many cases, not putting up prices is costing you sales.

  1. Professional Images

If you’re in the business of selling products then this is a big area for potential growth. Ask yourself, am I showcasing my products to their full potential by using high quality images?  You could be selling the best product in the world but if it isn’t presented well especially on your website or social media, then you can be sure your competitors will be doing it better and getting results.  Any professional photographer will tell you that good lighting and a bit of effort can make a significant difference to the marketing of a product and attract the right attention.  For your high end products or big money items, consider employing a professional photographer and for the lower products, ensure you take high quality images using a high megapixel camera.

  1. Respond & Engage

Golden rule of business……always reply to your customers query. Very often customers ask questions on social media pages, email or messenger and don’t receive a reply.  This is the definition of poor customer service and one bad experience will have a significant impact on your brand reputation and business. Always be prompt with replies, friendly and informative.  Take the opportunity to tell the customer about any promotions or special offers and make sure you deal with their query by answering their question fully.  If a customer feels ignored they will go straight to your competitor even if it will cost them more.  People will always pay a little bit more for a personal service and will return time and time again for that exact experience.

  1. Branding

Good branding will make your business memorable and stand out from the crowd.  Do not underestimate the power of an eye-catching professional logo, clear and informative business card and interesting brand presence. These key features will make you stand out against your competitors.  Make sure you incorporate your personal branding into the mix by showing who the people in the business are and how they can be contacted directly.  The old adage people buy from people is still true so add your personality and business ethos in all of your branding and don’t be afraid to engage with customers.

If you would like assistance with any of these tips, then contact us today.