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Common Mistakes When Running a Craft Business

If you are having problems with your craft sales or experiencing a downturn in sales, then take a few minutes to read these common mistakes and hopefully they’ll point you in the right direction.

  •  Are you under price and undervaluing your product? If you are under pricing it says you don’t believe in your product. Customers will pay a premium price for a premium product only when all the key elements are in place including a personalized customer service or a quick response to queries.
  • Is the packaging appealing?  Too many  businesses fail to fully showcase the beauty of their product and fail to distinguish their unique brand. 4 out of 5 of my recent buys came in either plain envelopes or plain cardboard boxes. Receiving your handmade product is meant to be a unique experience, making the buyer feel special. Keep the excitement to the end by adding an extra touch to your packaging too and it doesn’t mean adding extra cost. Be creative use craft leftovers, whatever you work with, hand write a note ‘thank you’, maybe use an ink stamp! Just make it your unique brand, personal and special. Customers will return again and again but more importantly they will tell others about their experience. 
  • Are you forgetting to reply or engage? Operating any business means you will spend a lot of time marketing online.  Always put aside time to reply to messages and comments on your social media. It’s crucial to have an easy to navigate website that allows feedback from customers. Get to know and understand your potential customers and make it easy for them to buy your product.
  • Are you sharing unrelated content on social media? Your business page is for your business. Use it to promote and display your products and don’t post any unrelated posts.  Remember keep it all about craft, your products and your new product ideas.  Let the customer know what you’re working on and keep it fresh and interesting. You’ve got around 10 seconds to draw potential customer attention, so remember to attract their eye..
  • Are you guilty of displaying poor quality images?  This is so important! If you don’t have professional gear, aim for natural soft light, do not use flash and keep the background plain, remember nothing too busy as it’s all about the product. If you have the budget to hire a professional photograoher to snap some of your best pieces, then consider it an investment. Beautiful handcrafted products deserve to be displayed to accentuate key features. Plus, professional photos assist in showcasing the overall quality finish of the product.
  • Are you open to change? If you’ve been working incredibly hard and still aren’t gaining any traction after weeks/months/years, then perhaps something might need to change.  Be open to the fact that in order to succeed, you might need to make a change.  It may be your pricing, poor photos, lack of social media presence or simply not reaching potential customers.  Whatever it is, change is necessary so be brave and never be afraid to alter the plan or product.

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