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November Events to Market Your Business

November is a great month to market your products and services by creating some excitement around the many events occurring during the month.  Take the opportunity to publish and distribute event related content with the overall goal of attracting, engaging new and existing customers. Here are some important events and dates to help inspire your November marketing content:

  • Movember/No Shave November

Movember or No Shave November is a movement for men’s health issues. Participants are encouraged to grow a mustache for the month of November to bring awareness and raise donations for men’s health and cancers. Some companies host Movember competitions between employees or among customers. Movember is a fun way to host contests or showcase your facial hair for men’s health on social media and to get involved in the chatter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Be creative by thinking of ways you can get involved in Movember while marketing your business.

  • November 23rd Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday star and a great opportunity to market your business. Consider offering specials to celebrate this huge event and your best bet is to get the undivided attention of your customers before the start of the hectic holiday season. Let your customers know about the most important things that need to be taken care of before the main holidays. The marketing opportunities for Thanksgiving are plentiful so don’t miss out.

  • November 3rd National Sandwich Day

Who knew there is a day to celebrate the humble sandwich! National Sandwich day is an opportunity for those who are in the food industry to get some traction going with a Twitter poll asking users about their favourite sandwich or advertising your food offerings on the day. It’s a bit of fun and everyone loves to talk about food.

  • November 13th  World Kindness Day

Since social media campaigns tend to run over a short period of time, brands often promote a random act of kindness (#RAK) campaign before the 13th in order to generate enough revenue and exposure. Consider how your business can promote World Kindness Day and increase sales.

Here are a list of some other events that might be more applicable to marketing your business:

November 1st

  • World Vegan Day
  • National Stress Awareness Day

November 5th

  • Guy Fawkes Day

November 10th

  • World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 19th

  • International Men’s Day

November 20th

  • Universal Children’s Day

November 30th

  • St Andrews Day

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