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Get Your Business Ready for 2018

Now that Christmas is nearly over and we are fast approaching 2018, the New Year is a perfect opportunity to develop a plan to get your business operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. As you prepare to take your business into 2018, it’s time to create a plan for how you’re going to best connect with your customers and increase revenues. Here are some useful suggestions to help your business in 2018.

Develop a Marketing Calendar

An effective marketing calendar is planned in advance and based on previous sales and revenue data, so review last year’s sales trends to determine opportunities for 2018. Begin by looking at the monthly sales and expenses of your business in 2017.  This will help to determine which months you should focus on when it comes to running promotions and offering discounts.  Identify the many events in 2018 that give your business an opportunity to promote and sell.  Events such as Valentine’s Day, summer holidays and bank holidays should form the basis for your marketing calendar.  Decide in advance of these events, which product or service you want to promote and sell by providing special offers or guaranteed fast delivery.

Here some suggested steps to help you………

  1. Start with January and continue through to December and identify which events you will focus on then decide which product is most likely to sell during these months
  2. Who will be your target audience
  3. Will you be using social media to promote your product or will you use another method of promotion
  4. What is the last accepted order date to guarantee delivery
  5. Will you be giving special offers such as discounts, bulk ordering etc.

Update Your Website

Is your website outdated?  The New Year is a great time to take a long hard look at your website and make changes to reflect any new products or services on offer, as well as updating changes to your business such as opening hours, contact details and links to your social media sites.  Is it time to create a short video that provides your potential customers with an accurate reflection of what your business can do for your customers?  Have you diversified in 2017?  If so, then it may be time to update your website.  Remember that your website should provide the following to customers:

  • Information about your business that differentiates it from your competitors
  • Full range of products & services
  • Contact details
  • Ordering information

The end of the year is a great time to not only update your website, but also review your analytics and social media plan. Google analytics and social media metrics can provide valuable information on how people are finding and using your site and how you’re engaging with customers online

Social Media

Are you getting the maximum benefit from social media?  It is important to identify which platform best suits your business.

Everyone knows that video content has been growing in popularity in recent years. Because of this demand and the increasing importance of video to social algorithms, it is one of the most valuable formats for brands to raise their profile. Videos have been shown to elicit higher engagement, including more likes, comments and shares especially on Facebook. And with new formats like live streaming cropping up every day on various social channels, there are many options for integrating video into your existing social media marketing strategy.

Instagram and Snapchat stories are two examples that give your business the chance to create timely video content and share it with your followers.

For most businesses, invest more time and money in increasingly popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram in 2018 and less time on twitter, as it is still struggling to be popular with users and is no longer offering ROI.

Set New Goals that Represent the Future

It’s very important to establish what your new business goals are going to be in an ever-growing economy. Economic forecasts for 2018 are expected to stay strong and steady without a significant slowdown foreseen until at least 2020. Now is the time to re-set the goal post just a little bit farther and a little higher in order to take full advantage of the next couple of years of welcome and much-needed economic prosperity.

Make a new dream list for 2018. Look to the future with a new perspective that’s both clear and tangible in today’s new business world, not based on the past. Then, strive to put together everything that you need in its proper sequence to make your goals strategically materialise next year.