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Not Everyone is Your Customer

You have probably heard the saying, “When you speak to everyone, you actually speak to no one.” In my opinion this is one of the truest statements ever.  The sooner a business owner realises that not everyone is their customer, the sooner the opportunity to focus specifically on your target market.

By narrowly defining the audience you can develop messaging that reaches and connects with individuals. The message can address a specific problem the person is experiencing, but in order to be effective you need to understand precisely who you’re talking to.

The best way to define your target market is to ask yourself these three questions:


  • Consider the type of job or family of your perfect customer
  • What is their gender, age and average income
  • Do they have any unique habits or identifiers such communication preference or devise/technological tastes


  • What are their personal and professional goals
  • Do they face any challenges
  • What are the opportunities you offer


  • Why might they buy from you and not your competitor

The benefit of carrying out this exercise is that no matter what product you sell or service you deliver, more targeted marketing gives you a better return. Targeting a specific audience gets you in front of them more often, with messages that touch them emotionally.

So ask yourself, who is my best customer and this will give you a good idea of who you should be targeting!  Also remember customers want different things… and whether you are producing a piece of art or a website, you need to create something that is going to attract your ideal customer.  Effective marketing will comprise of communicating to customers in writing, images, video, and more… and different styles tend to attract different kinds of people.

If you would like assistance with identifying your target market, then contact us today!