About MentorUs Business Solutions

MentorUs Business Solutions is an award winning Irish business recognised for its contribution to business advisory services.  We understand that from time to time, business owners need assistance from a qualified business mentor who has an intimate knowledge of how business works. Many business owners try to get that information from a variety of sources such as books or networking groups. While these can be helpful on their own, they are more helpful when working alongside a reputable business mentor. In a business mentoring relationship, mentoring provides the business owner with a one-on-one meeting to give advice, boost morale and more often than not, a thumbs up that they are doing just fine.

MentorUs Business Solutions are experts in providing qualified business mentoring and social media advice to small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, start ups and sole traders.  We provide our clients with the mentoring and expertise required to ensure that their business can become more successful and profitable to ultimately gain a competitive advantage within their business sector.  Our main focus is to empower each and every client to assist them in reaching their business goals.

We offer a fresh pair of eyes to assist in solving the many problems that arise when running a business. Help is out there and you are not alone!