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Goal Setting for Business Success

Setting your goals is one of the most important activities you can do in your business. Laying down plans for your business and drawing up a list of goals will help you stay focused and will prevent your business from becoming stagnant. Your business goals keep you moving forward and set the stage for ongoing success.

business, Ireland, marketing, mentoring, social media marketing, strategy, traditional marketing

Social Media – v- Traditional Marketing

If you are running a successful business you will know that good marketing isn’t just about choosing the appropriate market or having a high quality product. Although important, it’s also about developing and using the right kind of marketing techniques in order to reach your potential customers and converting those leads into sales!

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Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

We are fast approaching the final quarter of 2018 and already this year we have seen so many innovative and technological changes affecting small businesses around the globe.  Changes such as the increasing popularity of Instagram and Facebook Stories, the expansion of live streaming and video will become even more powerful as we head into 2019.  Here are my top 5 trends to prepare for in 2019.....

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Social Media Trends in 2018

Social media is constantly evolving and has become a vital tool for businesses to use to maximise their marketing.  Anyone who is serious about marketing their business must learn how to properly leverage these platforms to their advantage. Being active on social media is huge, and it’s absolutely necessary for your survival. However, that alone… Continue reading Social Media Trends in 2018

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Naming your Small Business (Short Read)

Choosing a name for your small business is probably one of the most fun and exciting aspects of starting a small business. But naming your small business is also serious business 💶 Your decision could affect your ability to reach a broader audience and grow 📈 The key is to find a name that fits… Continue reading Naming your Small Business (Short Read)

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Consistency is the Key to Success

The more time I spend mentoring business owners the more I realise that without consistency, the chance of success is reduced significantly. There are so many business models, concepts and theories out there advising you to run your business a certain way, spend money on copious amounts of social media and above all be positive!… Continue reading Consistency is the Key to Success

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The Benefits of Business Mentoring

Did you know that many successful entrepreneurs, such as Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson, attribute their success to having a mentor to guide them regularly through the various business decisions that they faced? A business mentor will help you improve your business and increase profits faster and better than you are likely to do on… Continue reading The Benefits of Business Mentoring

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How to Price Your Product (Short Read)

Many business owners struggle to work out pricing for their products, particularly if the product is hand made. Here is my quick formula! Cost of Supplies + €10 per Hour Time Spent = Price A. Cost of Supplies x 3 = Price B. Price A + Price B divided by 2 (to get the average… Continue reading How to Price Your Product (Short Read)


Competitor Analysis Using SWOT (Short Read)

A competitor analysis is a great way to obtain information about your competitors and to assist in predicting their behaviors whilst making better business decisions. The main goals of a competitor analysis are to understand who your competitors are, what strategies they are using and have planned, how competitors might react to your company’s actions,… Continue reading Competitor Analysis Using SWOT (Short Read)

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Know Your Customer (Short Read)

Finding and retaining those profitable customers can be a real challenge for any small business! There is a business adage that you need customers with a problem only your business can solve and it’s for you to identify that USP and communicate it clearly to that customer. The best way to understand your customers and… Continue reading Know Your Customer (Short Read)

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The Most Common Business Mistakes (A View from a Business Mentor)

Starting a business or running an existing one is never easy. There are so many things to think about and decisions to make on a continuous basis, it can be difficult to know if you are doing things right.  Sometimes the pressure can cause you to make a poor decision that can hurt your potential… Continue reading The Most Common Business Mistakes (A View from a Business Mentor)

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Don’t Work For Free (Short Read)

Why oh why do people expect your time, goods or services for free when you’re running a small business? This is often the biggest complaint from artists, photographers and professional experts who give their time and knowledge to so many for free! I say stop!!!!! My advice is you need to be savvy enough to… Continue reading Don’t Work For Free (Short Read)

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The Challenges Facing SME’s

The world of business is changing rapidly and it can be a real struggle to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments to attract and maintain your existing customers.  A business needs to continuously adapt to new marketing channels, in particular the ever growing online market that is expanding at an incredible… Continue reading The Challenges Facing SME’s

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What is Content Marketing?

According to the content marketing institute “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action”. Relationships rely on honest, relevant, and respectful two way communication. The content you create and publish as… Continue reading What is Content Marketing?

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Positive Mind Set in Business – The Key to Success

History has shown that those with an optimistic outlook or open mindset on life are the ones who usually find the most success.  One of the most important steps you can take towards achieving your greatest potential in business is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance. We all… Continue reading Positive Mind Set in Business – The Key to Success

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Customer Service To Build Relationships

Happy customers can make your business!  One of your business goals should be to satisfy your customer needs so that they come back for more, whilst spreading the word about their experience to others. Have you been in the situation where a customer buys something from you but never returns for a repeat purchase? Here… Continue reading Customer Service To Build Relationships

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Get Your Business Ready for 2018

Now that Christmas is nearly over and we are fast approaching 2018, the New Year is a perfect opportunity to develop a plan to get your business operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. As you prepare to take your business into 2018, it’s time to create a plan for how you’re going to best… Continue reading Get Your Business Ready for 2018

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What is a Business Health Check?

All businesses have weaknesses, strengths along with opportunities and external threats so if you want to sustain and grow your business, it’s imperative that you identify and manage these effectively especially when looking to achieve long-term success. A Business Health Check involves sitting down and asking yourself some key questions about your business and as most… Continue reading What is a Business Health Check?

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November Events to Market Your Business

November is a great month to market your products and services by creating some excitement around the many events occurring during the month.  Take the opportunity to publish and distribute event related content with the overall goal of attracting, engaging new and existing customers. Here are some important events and dates to help inspire your… Continue reading November Events to Market Your Business

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How to Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Rosser Reeves considered by many as the father of modern advertising was quoted as saying "adverting is the art of getting a unique selling proposition into the heads of most people at the lowest possible cost" Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes your business stand out from the crowd and tells your customers… Continue reading How to Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

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Small Changes to Grow Your Business

Sometimes as a business owner we can lose sight of how our business is perceived by prospective customers.  It is important that we make our products and services as easy as possible to access whilst making it attractive to the buyer to engage and purchase.  Here are just a few simple tips that will improve… Continue reading Small Changes to Grow Your Business

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Building Your Personal Brand

Branding, especially personal branding is such a crucial component of success and can open up new opportunities and help you fulfill your business goals. Building your personal brand is just as important as building your company’s brand as customers tend to buy and stay loyal to companies they like. Fine tuning your personal brand will ensure… Continue reading Building Your Personal Brand

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Tips on Improving Your Business

If you are running an SME, continuous improvement and development is the name of the game as businesses are not static. It is important to accurately identify if your business is either on an upward track or if it is on its way down. So making consistent improvements to make your business better and continuously… Continue reading Tips on Improving Your Business

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Understanding the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel, which is sometimes referred to as a marketing funnel or revenue funnel, illustrates the idea that every sale begins with a large number of potential customers, and ends with a much smaller number of people who actually make a purchase. Sales funnel stages will vary according to your business and the products… Continue reading Understanding the Sales Funnel

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How to Sell!

People buy from people……. Fact!  Your business success will be determined by your ability to generate revenue and sell because without money you won’t last very long in business but it’s not just your products or services you are selling. You are also selling yourself. If you are wondering if you are doing things correctly and well… Continue reading How to Sell!

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Tips to Convert Leads into Sales

Converting leads into sales is the single biggest challenge we encounter when mentoring clients who are running SME’s.   It is fair to say that the majority of your leads won’t automatically convert into sales by simply being sent through your conversion funnel. It will often require additional help to produce the conversion. So here are… Continue reading Tips to Convert Leads into Sales

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How Effective is Your Website

Your website should be one of your most valuable tools for your business to use to connect with customers, inform them of what services you provide, build credibility and how they can contact you, ultimately driving more business your way. If you website is not giving you the value you need and attracting customer queries, then it’s… Continue reading How Effective is Your Website

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How to Begin Writing Your Business Plan

A business plan is a written description of the future of your business.  It is an essential road map for business success and without one, the business will lack direction. This living document generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to build customers and grow revenue and profits.  Consider your… Continue reading How to Begin Writing Your Business Plan

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The Differences Between Business Mentoring & Coaching

It is a common mistake made by many who think business mentoring and coaching are similar or even the same thing. But they're not!  There are so many differences between the two industries, but here are the main few to note. "A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great… Continue reading The Differences Between Business Mentoring & Coaching

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Starting a Small Business – Things to Do!

Starting a new business is never easy, taking that idea and turning it into reality.... exciting, scary and everything in between.  Here we will look at action you can take to get that new business off the ground and all for free! Start with a business plan to focus you and your business No matter… Continue reading Starting a Small Business – Things to Do!

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What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which a business identifies and focuses their efforts on a high value marketing projects whilst continuously reviewing and editing to incrementally improves upon the results over time. Agile  Marketing is not about quick returns nor is it about long term plans. Agile Marketing is more about committing to doing… Continue reading What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Important for Your Business?


Facebook – v- Twitter for Marketing Your Small Business

Small business marketing is evolving quickly for small business owners, which implies that advertisers must be nimble in how they connect with potential buyers and communities. As buyers navigate from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, offers and deals are processed in an unexpected way. Eventually, the system that will be best for your… Continue reading Facebook – v- Twitter for Marketing Your Small Business

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The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch in business is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in you and your business.  It takes time to get your pitch just right and you'll more than likely go through several versions before finding one that is compelling, and that sounds natural in conversation. Follow these steps to create a great… Continue reading The Elevator Pitch


3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Business Owners Make!

As social media continues to grow in popularity, the value of using it for business has become obvious. In fact, 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. And this number only continues to grow year on year. But while businesses understand the importance of social media marketing, we continue to […]… Continue reading 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Business Owners Make!

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Predicted Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing is changing rapidly and with so many emerging technologies and platforms to leverage, there has never been a more exciting time for businesses to connect with new and existing customers. However, the key to successful marketing is to identify which platforms and technologies present the best opportunities for your business and your potential customers.… Continue reading Predicted Marketing Trends for 2018

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Common Mistakes When Running a Craft Business

If you are having problems with your craft sales or experiencing a downturn in sales, then take a few minutes to read these common mistakes and hopefully they'll point you in the right direction.  Are you under price and undervaluing your product? If you are under pricing it says you don’t believe in your product. Customers will pay a… Continue reading Common Mistakes When Running a Craft Business


Success Starts When You Believe

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Lizzie Walton Founder & Owner of: Elizabeth’s Blog Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer Hi everyone! The article today is a little different and all about self-respect, something of which I believe to be of paramount importance. I’ve not always had the level of respect for myself that… Continue reading Success Starts When You Believe


Do you have any or all of these 7 traits?

1. Passion It’s commonly assumed that successful entrepreneurs are driven by money. But most will tell you they are fueled by a passion for their product or service, by the opportunity to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper. Read: 5 Ways You Can Find Your Passion in Life via 7 Traits Found in… Continue reading Do you have any or all of these 7 traits?


Finding the Right Business Mentor!

Finding the right business mentor can help you improve your business and increase profits faster and better than you could do on your own. More often than not, a fresh pair of eyes can add a new perspective in identifying areas for change. However, it's important to note that you shouldn't settle for just any… Continue reading Finding the Right Business Mentor!


How To Use Social Media For Small Business

The Social Doughnut

Running a small business and using social media to promote your business can be very time consuming, also if you are not getting the results from it, you may think it’s pointless and a waste of time, you wouldn’t be alone in fact only 53% of small businesses use social media the rest say they don’t have the time, energy or resources.

Don’t give up just yet, this Infographic by PostPlanner gives you 8 useful and handy tips to help you with your social media.

How to Use Social Media for Small Business

If you are looking for great cost effective Social Media Management or Social Media Promotion contact EyE Seventy

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Creating the Uninvented Product

  A good business will let the customer know how great their product or service is by showing them the advantages of availing of the product.  Always try to identify the needs of the customer by filling a niche in the market. Some products or services will simply not sell because there is no gap in… Continue reading Creating the Uninvented Product


Marketing is Essential

Marketing is an essential component of the internal business operations. Without a steady and ongoing marketing strategy and calendar of events, potential customers won’t know your business exists. Marketing is about matching your product or service to the needs of the consumer and continuously adapting to meet those needs. In business, you can never stand… Continue reading Marketing is Essential



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