HSE Tullamore Staff Choir Goes Viral

The HSE Tullamore Staff Choir have been hugely successful and in 2018 experienced viral status with over 4.5 million views worldwide of their performance in Heuston Train Station, Dublin to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day. As well as featuring in international news reports and publications, the choir have become world famous and have grown a substantial fan base including the Irish diaspora who continue to support the choir. View video here.

The choir hit international headlines on their very first flashmob performance in Tullamore Hospital, Offaly, Ireland back in November 2017, where the medical staff sang “ColdPlays Fix You” to patients and visitors. View video Here

The HSE Tullamore Staff Choir choose songs to perform and align them with health campaigns to help raise awareness through music and joy.

MentorUs Business Solutions oversee all promotions and social media management of the HSE Tullamore Staff Choir’s social media pages, which have been grown organically through the use of quality content and great music. Emily Mahon, Director of MentorUs Business Solutions is also a founding member of the choir. Don’t forget to follow them on FaceBook to see more of their performance and videos!

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